Be an active participant in all areas of life. Learn to learn, then with that, learn to follow, by doing so, you learn to lead others. Give passion, power and purpose by breathing life into learning each day. Teach others the knowledge that has been given to you. It is a gift of wonder and empowerment.


Artistic Leadership

Empower those around you. Be a leader others want to follow. Master delegating techniques. Grow confidence and the team you lead will follow. Inspire others to see the vision of successes ahead. Share knowledge and ideas to motivate others to act on it. Follow through with excellence. 


Trinity Method

The Airikai Method embodies the natural elements; Earth, Fire, Wind. While Water is the center of all elements. Water is fluid, free flowing, forever changing, and growing. To achieve this you must also manifest the Earth, Fire and Wind branches of life to reach success.


Artistic Movement

Flow with artistic movement in life. These methods taught will improve your body awareness, obtain balanced posture, and promote relaxation that calms and sets the mind at ease. Learn to use mindful awareness to be comfortable in the body and more effective in life.


Creative Design

Creativity is a quality that is highly valued, but not always well understood. In this course you will be lead to be more spontaneous, expressive, and less controlled or inhibited. Open the mind, develop the ability to think intuitively, creatively and obtain flexibility in the mind. 


Tantric Tango

Learn from our professional dancers how to be a leader and take charge in any situation. Tantric Tango will turn you into a being with passion, sexuality and raw emotion. Be all that Tantric Tango embodies, and those qualities will spread into your relationships.

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