Awaken the Om

awaken the om

The Om encompasses every vibration of the world. From complete silence to pure light. In science we call it energy, in religion we call it spirit, on the streets we call it vibes, and in yoga we call it Om. Whatever you call it, trust it, follow it, awaken it. When you awaken yourself to the Om, you will understand energy, business, love, and all else in between on a whole new level. This is best explained as a vibration that sends sensations to all parts of your body, mind, and spirit. Vibrations can be received through music, touch, words, tastes, and all other senses.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
Nikola Tesla

We follow ancient wisdom with leaders such as Da Vinci, Lao Tzu, Fibonacci, Jesus, Buddha, and more. In our courses, you will learn how civilizations have all been searching for the answer to life and the common intelligence they discovered throughout history. Today, more than ever, we can align our chakras and unlock the answers to life by tuning into the Om frequency. Whether you want to cure cancer, cure depression, or attain enlightenment – our courses will guide you on the path. When you are ready to open your spirit to a new understanding and become rooted in new meaning to life, embark on a free journey with us.
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A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.
Lao Tzu

As you embark on your journey of self-discovery, you will learn how to become more involved in your community and increase your social impact. As leaders in social impact with integrity behind our visions, you will gain insight and inspiration to take care of the planet while feeding into your dream. We have many courses that are entertaining, exciting, and taught by masters of motivation and inspiration.

I am here and now in all this Omnipresent, I am the universe.
Sushil Singh

TheMOV gives a beautiful experience where you may choose whichever subject you desire and begin your quest of inner peace. With classes ranging from [ut_highlight color=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”#332024″]pottery, business incubation, photography, ballroom dance, poker, yoga, music[/ut_highlight] we have a hobby for everyone. Quickly see that you may learn anything with our simple steps to happiness and intelligence.

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[ut_dropcap style=”one”] T [/ut_dropcap] The Trinity Method is a philosophy we follow for utmost success. When embarking on your journey, the most important philosophy to have is one that will make the journey enjoyable with checkpoints along the way to keep yourself in alignment with the principles taught. You may learn more about The Trinity Method by reading the full book here.

[ut_dropcap style=”two”] 7 [/ut_dropcap] 7 Steps to Perfection by HardMagic Chief Dreamer, Matt Hackney, is a simplified system of steps to personify the mentality you should carry when fine-tuning your vibration on any skill. As a master of many, Hackney takes the reader on a journey that will challenge your perception of perfection and allow you to embrace your inner child. Read the full book here.

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