Sacred Arts

Be Yourself

Asana from Within

Peaceful Warrior Training

Explore Tantra

Expand Consciousness

Raise Your Vibration

Master Balance

Airikai fuses sacred geometry with artistic movement in all forms. Awaken from within.

One of the most powerful lessons you can learn is to truly be yourself.  Then, let go of your Self.

The ancient practice of Yoga blends with our warrior training to coach your inner spirit.

Become a warrior. Find inner peace as you learn to punch, dodge, & twist in new directions.

Learn the tantric tango by immersing yourself in a blissful experience of heightened sensuality.

As your body opens, so does your mind. Relax and become one with your divinity.

Find harmony with the Om vibration and astral travel to new heights.

The master knows when to be patient, when to be still, and knows when to strike.

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